Calling All Coaches, Trainers & Teachers

This one's for you. You decided to go into business for yourself. Maybe yesterday, maybe a few years ago. But something told you it was time to present your know-how, your prowess, your content, through your unique combination of experience, personality, and delivery. The people you've helped rave about you and how you’ve helped transform their lives.

And now it's time to transform your own.

Because let’s face it – you’ve been doing things the hard way a bit, haven’t you – that’s part and parcel of this whole entrepreneur lifestyle, right? Technology makes everything soooo easy these days (*sarcasm detector: on*). Connect with people on Facebook or Twitter (or Instagram or Pinterest or LinkedIn or …). Run ads to bring in new prospects. Send out a weekly e-newsletter with other updates. Design graphics for those social feeds. Make your own logo or crowdsource it just so you have something. Build your own website (and keep it updated).

Oh, and let’s not forget the actual act of creating your programs or packages, interacting with clients, and doing the thing you actually started out to do in the first place. Soooo easy, right?

Can you do it?


We have complete faith you can figure out how to do any of these things, given enough time, swearing at your computer (as an alternative to throwing it through the window), and constantly reminding yourself why you wanted to do all this in the first place.

More importantly: is it worth your time?

Would you rather spend a couple of hours a) supporting clients, creating new materials and content, and interacting with them on social media, or b) trying to figure out how to get the @*#&^$ picture on your latest offering landing page to line up just so on a page? Would you rather spend time a) taking calls and planning out next week’s schedule, or b) debating what fonts you should be using and figuring out how to use them consistently?

It’s pretty leading, but if you answered (a) to either of those, then it’s time to drop the “do-it-all” entrepreneur hat. It’s not that you can’t do it all, it’s that it doesn’t serve you to try. You’re solving particular issues for your clients – let us do the same for you.

"But I like being involved in all aspects of my business."

Totally – but involved doesn’t need to mean bearing the burden of it all. We work with you to understand your goals, personality, likes and dislikes, and – most importantly – what TV show or movie we can reference and quote all the time in our conversations. So what we create for you it tailor-made for you.

Convinced? Or just want to know more?

Your decision should be as easy as possible, so we’ve built our services around three areas that have the most impact in connecting with clients (and the most in you reclaiming your time).


Need a site? No problem. Have a site, but feeling constrained or avoiding having to do even the simplest update? Let’s put you back in control.

Our three options give us the flexibility to meet you where you’re at – and upfront pricing so you know exactly where that is.*

Branding + Voice

Logo, colors, fonts, tone, and making sure it all ties together. After all, your brand is not just your logo – it’s the opportunity for your personality to shine through in everything you do.

We’re working on these exact options now. In the meantime, we can certainly provide a quote for this type of work.

Course Launches

Okay, first off, let’s address the elephant in the room: this isn’t going to be some formula we force you to follow as the only way to “guarantee” a successful launch. This is about figuring out what works for you, your capacity, and your clients, and then building from there.

We’re working on the exact options now – but in the meantime, we can certainly provide a quote for this type of work.

*The super-duper “Build Your Community” includes extra feature(s) like online stores or membership – but we know that can take a lot of forms. We’ll evaluate what you’re looking for, and let you know up front if any additional charges are necessary.

Want all of this?!

First off, we love you. Most likely we’d recommend starting with Branding + Voice, but we’d certainly love to chat and talk through what this process could look like for you as a longer-term project.

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