The Declassified Story

Amy and Kimberly met in 2007 while working deep undercover in a corporate marketing department at XXXXXXXXXXXX. Forced to devise covert communication methods – such as single-ring phone hangups or LinkedIn messages – they managed to navigate the fluorescent lights and endless attempts to reveal their true identities.

To thwart growing suspicions, Amy and Kimberly parted ways late in 2010, taking separate assignments at XXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX for realsies. After almost a year-long cooldown period, they partnered up once again in the corporate world. And thus began their biggest assignment yet: Operation Dream Job, aka, Get Me the XXXX Outta Here. While they each have a very particular set of skills, when combined, any mission was possible.

It became clear they had to ditch their aliases, join forces, and unleash the full potential of their true identities. In March 2013, Decipher Creative Communications was officially launched to help bring creativity, communication, emotion and positivity to your world.

Welcome to ours.


A heartfelt thank you to our families, friends and peers for your support as we turned our little baby angel side project into a legit business. Additional thanks to IKEA, the cast of “The Avengers” (you got us through some rough times), bread, Rupert Gregson-Williams’s “No Man’s Land,” tissues, Tylenol, anywhere in the Greater Milwaukee area that sells caffeinated beverages, and all the independent women out there (throw yo’ hands up at me). Embrace your burden of glorious purpose.


Kimberly Otwaska-Butts


Who am I? 2-4-6-0… oh, wait.

The funny thing is I didn’t start out to be a designer or developer; I was actually going to teach high school math. But the even funnier thing was thinking I wouldn’t become a teacher after all.

Sure, my love of both design and math combine into my own unique way of building things, calculating out pixels and percentages, noticing from afar if something’s 1/16 of an inch out of place (or 0.0625" if you’re decimally-inclined). Placing photos in a course booklet or brochure just so, choosing fonts that match your attitude, and making sure none of it feels too crowded or overwhelming.

But I’ve also heard too many people say they’re intimidated by their own website or have felt talked down to by other developers. That there’s a fear of breaking something just by resetting a password. I’m focused on always building better – sites and systems that are intuitive to update and simple to edit. Because a site can look great, but if you’re left with a sinking feeling every time you go to edit it, then it’s getting in the way of connecting with your clients. Designing better also means listening to your questions and concerns, and making sure you have the knowledge to understand how it works, instructions to walk you through what you’re doing and why, and helping you feel confident throughout it all.

And that’s what the best teachers I’ve known do – listen and help you find the answers. So, with any luck, I’m a teacher after all (and if by some chance I become your favorite, my last name makes one hell of a password).


Amy Sierlecki


It only took me 10 years of sitting at a desk in front of a computer (and drinking many lattes) to realize what I actually like about my work:

The transformation.

The written word actually speaks volumes, and there is beauty in making a person think, learn, and feel – all in the turn of a phrase. That sounds lovely, right? But, as I’m sure you know, it’s quite a challenge. Maybe you’re worried your writing isn’t connecting with your clients, or it’s too wordy, or you just can’t come up with the words to communicate your message. It’s my job to help take that weight off your shoulders. I decipher (OMG, our business name!) what sets you apart from everyone else. Your message. Your voice. From there, I create a fresh story that is truly yours.

While starting with a blank page can be fun, I love transforming a jumble of content, themes, and even voices to create an exciting and cohesive new message. Right along with that comes one of the great loves of my life: editing. When anyone comes to me in a panic asking me to review their work, my eagle eyes are on it. Of course error-free text is key, but I also check that you’re casting the right spell with your message. When the right message is in the right place at the right time, you’re – wait for it – ready to work your magic.

So, yes, I’m still sitting behind a computer, and yes, I’m still drinking my lattes, but my job is no longer just work. My job is doing what I love. And that makes an astronomical difference – both in what I create, and what that creation can do for you.


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