You get a bundle! And YOU get a bundle!

With all the choices you already have to make for your business, we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to figure out what you need for your website. Which passageway is the right one? And why? And HOW?!

Don’t worry: we have a map. (And a full map. Not like the maps in every treasure-based movie that always have the most critical piece missing, or info that can only be seen with a black light. *eye roll*)

We tested every route and did all that guess work for you. Instead of one general “we’ll fix your website” service, we have three types of website service bundles to choose from. Because you should definitely have a few options to see which one fits your needs and budget. Plus, each bundle includes optional upgrades and a (free!) bonus item – we picked them out with your type of website project in mind.

Open for Business

If you’re ready to open the doors to your business via your brand-spankin’-new website, we can set you up with the essentials to get you up and running, motivated, and prepped for the future.

Start the Next Chapter

If your website and its content have gotten out of control, you might be dying for a revamp (fix all the things!). Or, maybe you've done such a fab job that you've outgrown your current website. Either way, it's time for a sweet upgrade.

Build Your Community

If it's time to create a more interactive client experience on your website, this bundle is for you. Build up your online community with enhanced features like exclusive membership content or online purchases of content, workshops, etc.

Who doesn't love a good chart?!

The scope of these items may vary from bundle to bundle.

Ideal Site Size

5 pages

Up to 15 pages

15+ pages


Discovery Phase


3 layouts

5 layouts

5+ layouts

Content Package

Up to 1500 words

Up to 4500 words

Up to 4500 words

Enhanced Content (e.g. paid content or memberships)

Development & Build

Easy-to-use "Drag and Drop" Editor

Basic SEO & Google Analytics Setup

Video Walkthrough Instructions

Choice of One Free Bonus

6-month Site Assessment

Analytics Follow-up

Editorial Calendar

Available Upgrades


Setup Domain Email + Aliases

Connect Site with Email Marketing

Setup Email Marketing – MailChimp

1 group/1 template

3 groups/2 templates

3 groups/2 templates

Connect Website with Email Marketing

1 signup form

2 signup forms

2 signup forms

Blog Content Consult

Custom Sections

Landing Page

Additional Content and/or Setup

All prices USD.

Starting at


Starting at


Starting at


Need more information? You're under no obligation with this first step – and it won't cost you a cent until you decide to move forward.


How long will it take before my site is live?

On average, 3-6 months (it goes a lot faster than you think). This timeframe gives us room to develop a quality site, but more importantly, it gives you the time to thoroughly review things at each stage and feel confident as we move forward.

How much money do you need up front?

50% down will secure your spot in our schedule (and our hearts). The rest will be due once the site is all buttoned up and ready for launch.

Can I remove an item from a bundle for a discount?

No. We've built these packages to include the minimum requirements for us to see this project through. That's also why we offer so many different upgrades. Then you have the choice to purchase an add-on instead committing to more than you need.

There seems to be lots of add-ons and potential for additional charges for revisions. How do I avoid a surprise invoice at the end?

We will always have you approve additional charges before we move forward so you're always aware. Also, we try to keep that front-of-mind as we go through the process so you can avoid revision charges or scope creep whenever possible.

Do you have a proposal form so I can see what it would cost with the upgrades I want?

Yes. At this time, we want to chat with you first to make sure we're a good match. As a follow-up to that call, you'll be able to view and select options in our proposal form.

Why does included maintenance only cover plugins you’ve installed or recommended? Can’t I add whatever plugins I want?

We install or recommend specific plugins when we’ve tried, tested, and used them ourselves. We know they’re compatible with your site and will be an asset to you.

Yes, you can add additional plugins, but hunting down conflicts or issues related to plugins we haven’t installed or recommended takes more work on our part. So this is not covered by the 1 hour per month maintenance time.

If I ask a question, am I going to end up on your mailing list?

How dare you (but no, it's a valid question). Even before all the cool kids were jumping on this GDPR bandwagon, we honor opt-ins – you'll only ever hear from us regarding your question or project if we move forward unless you subscribe to something else.

What's your theory on Avengers 4?

Oh, we don't have just one. Full thesis coming soon.

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