Website Bundle Upgrades

These upgrade options are great companions to all of the goodies you already receive in your bundle. We created them specifically for new website owners (hey, that’s you!), and they each help make your website a more powerful asset.

For the most current pricing, see the proposal form for each package (available after initial call). Prices are one-time fees, except for a few upgrades that will have annual renewals.

Website Hosting

Have you seen how many companies out there are offering hosting these days? Do you want to save yourself the hassle of having Nic Cage show up at your door to try and put all the pieces together? (Why, yes, that IS a National Treasure reference; and actually, we’d really like to see him try.)

Our hosting option includes a domain name (eg., SSL certificate, automatic backups, and automatic WordPress updates.


We’ll also keep the plugins we’ve installed or recommended* up to date on a monthly basis and handle any quirks or issues that may pop up (site maintenance up to 1 hour a month).

*Why only plugins you’ve installed or recommended? Can’t I add whatever plugins I want? Check out our FAQs.

SSL Certificates

We won’t jump into IT-speak to explain the digital details of exactly how an SSL certificate works. But they are (super duper) important for several reasons, mainly because they secure (1) your data; (2) login/password info; and (3) transactional data like credit card info or even personal info collected through a simple contact form. Also, just within the last year, they’ve become essential for SEO (Google LOVES an SSL cert).

We set up different levels of SSL based on the bundle you choose:

Open for Business Bundle – Domain Validated SSL
Start the Next Chapter Bundle – Organization Validated SSL
Build Your Community – Extended Validation SSL

Starting at $360 annually

Set Up Domain Email

If you’ve got your own domain name (URL), then why not have email @ that address too? We can help set you up with Google’s G Suite, and then make sure you know how to access it through your computer, favorite mail program, and phone.

G Suite costs an additional $5 / user / month and is billed directly through Google.


Set Up Email Marketing with MailChimp

Do you plan on keeping people up to date through email? A service provider like MailChimp can help you send those messages (and stay in compliance with things like CAN-SPAM and CASL), all while giving you info on who’s looking at the messages you send, and managing unsubscribes for those ready to move on.

Since MailChimp is kinda our jam, we can create an account, set up a list with grouping(s) to start segmenting your list, and template(s) to match your branding. We’ll also take care of verification and authentication of your email domain with MailChimp to help cut down on your messages landing in spam folders.

Note: additional costs may apply or eventually apply.

Included with Open for Business Bundle:

1 grouping to start segmenting your list, and 1 template to match your branding.

Included with Start the Next Chapter and Build Your Community Bundles:

3 groupings to start segmenting your list, and 2 templates to match your branding.

Starting at $175

Connect Website with Email Marketing

Already have an email marketing provider (or having us set one up for you)? It’s probably easier to collect emails right on your website, right? We’ll incorporate this into the design from the start and add the sign-up box. Then voilà! Emails are automagically added to your email marketing account.

Included with Open for Business Bundle:

1 sign-up box to be placed on the homepage or sitewide.

Included with Start the Next Chapter and Build Your Community Bundles:

2 sign-up boxes to be placed on the website and/or a Facebook page.

If placing the sign-up in the same spot on all pages (e.g. in the website footer), this would count as only one spot.

Starting at $125

Blog Content Consult

Start the Next Chapter and Build Your Community Bundles only

Similar to social media, blogs are a great way to share information that’s useful to your audience without blatantly telling people, “OMG, buy our stuff!” Even the best writers can have trouble crafting that type of content, not to mention having the time, amiright? So we’ll give you a jumpstart.

Our red editing pens are friendly, we promise

Send us two of your unpublished blog posts (or up to 1200 words, whichever comes first), and we'll review the essentials – content, comprehension, tone, and grammar.

Let us assist and assess

When we return our review, we'll include an assessment of your post(s) with our comments, suggestions, and specific examples of edits.


Custom Sections

Start the Next Chapter or Build Your Community Bundles only

If you’ve ever gone through dance steps to get things formatted the same way multiple times, a unique webpage template (in fancy terms, a Custom Post Type) can help you stay organized and keep things consistent. These are created in WordPress, and are commonly used for: event pages with a registration link and venue info, job listings, staff or team bios, case studies and testimonials, and press releases.

Custom Post Types have their own sets of fields to fill out

If you were in HR, think of all the content you’d have to manually enter for Every. Single. Job Listing on your site. From section headers, to the EEO statement, to general company info, to photos, to policies, etc. Custom Post Types are B-A-N-A-N-A-S awesome because they eliminate all of that repetitive work. We build those fields in so they’re there waiting for you.

We’d never forget about the design

Guess what? Custom Post Types are built with their own common page layouts, too. So when you’re ready to post your third job listing of the week, the design will pull your data into a layout that seamlessly matches the rest of your site – and every other job listing page. No remembering which heading tag to use, or how big you made the picture last time. All automatic.

We're not one to play favorites but...

This upgrade is one of our favorites. So we're including 2 Custom Post Types (groupings of content, e.g. you could choose (1) a job listing Post Type, and (2) an event page Post Type) with custom fields for easy editing and management. And of course the template design and site integration for both Post Types is included.


Landing Page

Start the Next Chapter or Build Your Community Bundles only

Is there something coming up you want to highlight, either while we’re working on the main site or after it’s launched? Speaking at an event that you want to drive attendance to? Have a book or new course coming out? Or maybe a special offer built around one of your services?

We see a landing page on the horizon. Landing pages are all about focus – and focus works on the “less is more” principle.

Did we mention focus?

After setting up your landing page, we’ll write (you guessed it) focused, clear content (up to 500 words) that entices the reader to take action.

Keep in touch

On the page we’ll also integrate an email signup box or a contact form so you can follow up with your offer, invitation, or announcement.


Additional Content and/or Setup

Build Your Community Bundle only

You’ve got big plans – and they deserve a little extra. Whether it’s additional descriptions for offerings, added templates for different kinds of content, or some uber-special feature for your members, let’s make it happen.

Schedule a call with us, and we’ll include pricing in our proposal for what you’re thinking.

Contact for pricing

Prices current as of May 10, 2018. Subject to change. Please review most current pricing on proposal form per bundle.

Need more information? You're under no obligation with this first step – and it won't cost you a cent until you decide to move forward.


How long will it take before my site is live?

On average, 3-6 months (it goes a lot faster than you think). This timeframe gives us room to develop a quality site, but more importantly, it gives you the time to thoroughly review things at each stage and feel confident as we move forward.

How much money do you need up front?

50% down will secure your spot in our schedule (and our hearts). The rest will be due once the site is all buttoned up and ready for launch.

Can I remove an item from a bundle for a discount?

No. We've built these packages to include the minimum requirements for us to see this project through. That's also why we offer so many different upgrades. Then you have the choice to purchase an add-on instead committing to more than you need.

There seems to be lots of add-ons and potential for additional charges for revisions. How do I avoid a surprise invoice at the end?

We will always have you approve additional charges before we move forward so you're always aware. Also, we try to keep that front-of-mind as we go through the process so you can avoid revision charges or scope creep whenever possible.

Do you have a proposal form so I can see what it would cost with the upgrades I want?

Yes. At this time, we want to chat with you first to make sure we're a good match. As a follow-up to that call, you'll be able to view and select options in our proposal form.

Why does included maintenance only cover plugins you’ve installed or recommended? Can’t I add whatever plugins I want?

We install or recommend specific plugins when we’ve tried, tested, and used them ourselves. We know they’re compatible with your site and will be an asset to you.

Yes, you can add additional plugins, but hunting down conflicts or issues related to plugins we haven’t installed or recommended takes more work on our part. So this is not covered by the 1 hour per month maintenance time.

If I ask a question, am I going to end up on your mailing list?

How dare you (but no, it's a valid question). Even before all the cool kids were jumping on this GDPR bandwagon, we honor opt-ins – you'll only ever hear from us regarding your question or project if we move forward unless you subscribe to something else.

What's your theory on Avengers 4?

Oh, we don't have just one. Full thesis coming soon.

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