Website Bundle: Open for Business

This bundle is perfect if you don't yet have an online presence.

If you’re ready to open the doors to your business with a brand-spankin’-new website, we can set you up with the essentials to get you up and running, motivated, and prepped for the future.

Here’s what’s included:

Discovery Phase

You’ve taken the time to show interest in us (aw, shucks), so now it’s time for us to return the favor. This phase goes beyond what colors you like, or if you want your content to have first-person or third-person narratives. We really want to get to know your business so we can represent it in the best way possible.

Plan for a two-hour, face-to-face convo

We'll dig in and learn everything you can teach us about your business and where you're headed.

If you’re in the Milwaukee area, we can certainly meet in person.

Otherwise, get your Zoom face on! (If you haven’t met Zoom, let us introduce you.)


When you’re just starting out, it feels like you have thousands of decisions to make, right? No need to worry about which pages your website needs. This bundle sets you up with up with 5 primary pages (see below) to get you up and running. Look at that! One less decision you have to make. We'll show you 2 sets of concepts* that show 3 page layouts: the homepage, a standard inner page, and a blog layout page.


This is the first page your visitors see, so its design should grab attention, draw people in, and introduce people to your story. So express yo’self!


A more detailed page about how you got started, you and your business’s background, etc.

Services & Offerings

A page to show off your moneymakers! Tell visitors what you offer and how it can benefit them.


How can site visitors reach out to you? Include info like emails, phone numbers or a physical address.

Blog Layout

Use this page to share your articles and photos, informational blog posts, and more.

Single Page Layout

If you’re more into the single-page website idea, we can roll these sections into that from a design standpoint as well.

*Each set of concepts includes two revisions. Additional revisions will cost $250 per round.

Content Package

Now that we know your website is going to look fan-frickin’-tastic, we need to add the other critical element: words! The right content – and the personality behind the words – gives site visitors an idea of what it’s like to work with you, and (of course) entices your customers to click that Purchase button. (Woot!)

Our typewriters and quill pens are always at the ready

We’ll write up to 1500 words of content* for your website, spread out among your Home, About, Services & Offerings, and Contact pages.

*Includes 2 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions will cost $250 per round. Blog content not included.

Yer content be meaningless if thar be mistakes with yer spelling and grammar!

Professional editing is always included when we write content for you. And we promise, no pirate-speak.

Once we’re done, we’ll set you up with a style guide to guide you along on your future writing projects.

Development & Build

Here’s when your site starts to take shape. We’ll build out the design concepts you’ve approved in WordPress, and make it easy for you to edit your site without cursing or pecking daggers into your keyboard.

Simple updates, now & later

Our page builder tool gives you tons of flexibility when you want to make quick photo or text edits, or more detailed changes as the site grows. And it's so easy to use. We include 6 months of updates* after launch (and another 6 months with our sweet Website Hosting upgrade, a.k.a., our Nic Cage upgrade).

*What happens to the page builder after 6 months? Don’t worry – your site’s not going to break without an update, but it’s good practice.

We want to see your site EVERYWHERE

It’s important to us that your site is easy to see and navigate for someone on a desktop, as well as people on the go. That’s why we make sure your site works across devices – computer, tablet, smartphone – no problem!

Then what?

Once we've built everything, you'll have one final review of the full site before it's time to launch. Except for unexpected fix-its, additional edits are not included* (remember – by this phase, you’ll have already approved the design and content). As part of our (Decipher’s) final review, we’ll double check that your site is mobile-friendly and looks good in the most common internet browsers.

After the all-clear (get excited!), we'll coordinate a launch date, then take care of transitioning the site over for you.

*Of course we want you to be happy with your site, but additional major site edits ("Let's change the whole site structure, shall we?") or lots of minor edits ("Can you add a comma here?") at this stage can severely derail a project. We don't want that to happen to you or us.

Basic SEO & Google Analytics Setup

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is treated like the T-rex of website necessities right now: it rules the website kingdom (and your Google search rankings), but its tiny arms have a hard time navigating today’s best practices. And it can be so terrifying that people just straight-up run away from it.

Remain calm. We know the secrets of SEO’s DNA. Within the back-end of your website, we’ll set you up with the essential SEO basics that make the Google gods happy.

Since SEO has many elements to it, we know it can make you roar in frustration.

We’ll hook you up with an SEO cheat sheet with a few more best practices. Soon that T-rex will be your BFF.

Site accessibility (<–– super important!)

It's key that Google’s magical worker bees (legit called crawlers or bots) can see all the pages on your site so they show up in search results.

Titles & descriptions (aka meta data)

That headline or title at the top of the page? The internet likes when that's dressed in a specific text style called an H1 tag. We pair that with 1 Keyword per page to help people find you.

Video Walkthrough Instructions

Site editing and upkeep can seem daunting, right? Especially when you already need to devote a lot of your time to all the other things your business needs. So wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of reference guide to help you if you get stuck?


Once your site is complete, we’ll record a 10-20 minute video that covers how to edit pages, add new blog posts, add or manage users, and what to do when there’s an update available. So once we hand you the keys to your *game show host voice* Brand. New. Websiiiiiite(!!!), you’ll feel confident that you can make site edits and updates as your business grows.

Bundle Upgrades

Get exactly what you need to fit your goals and your budget.

Choose a Bonus

Say whaaat? I get a free bonus just for picking this bundle?

You bet you do. You’re investing in us, so we want to give you a little something back. Pick one of the bonuses below, and we’ll hook you up.

6-month Content Assessment

Launching a website is an exciting thing! But after six months, you may be wondering how well it’s working for your potential clients. Or if your site’s content is still speaking to your audience and helping sell your products.

Your check-in time is now

We’ll review your Google Analytics - and your current content - to provide you with suggestions for any future improvements or adjustments based on data trends.

Analytics Follow-up: 3-month Report

A website is never finished. It should be something that you add to and change as your business grows. After three months, you may be wondering how well it’s working for your potential clients – which is where those fancy Google Analytics that we set up come into play.

Data, data, data

We’ll prepare a report on site performance, how each page is performing or drawing in traffic, where traffic is coming from, and make suggestions for any future improvements. If you've had us set up email marketing with MailChimp (check out the upgrade), we'll also cross-reference if your emails or campaigns correlate with traffic spikes on your website.

Need more information? You're under no obligation with this first step – and it won't cost you a cent until you decide to move forward.


How long will it take before my site is live?

On average, 3-6 months (it goes a lot faster than you think). This timeframe gives us room to develop a quality site, but more importantly, it gives you the time to thoroughly review things at each stage and feel confident as we move forward.

How much money do you need up front?

50% down will secure your spot in our schedule (and our hearts). The rest will be due once the site is all buttoned up and ready for launch.

Can I remove an item from a bundle for a discount?

No. We've built these packages to include the minimum requirements for us to see this project through. That's also why we offer so many different upgrades. Then you have the choice to purchase an add-on instead committing to more than you need.

There seems to be lots of add-ons and potential for additional charges for revisions. How do I avoid a surprise invoice at the end?

We will always have you approve additional charges before we move forward so you're always aware. Also, we try to keep that front-of-mind as we go through the process so you can avoid revision charges or scope creep whenever possible.

Do you have a proposal form so I can see what it would cost with the upgrades I want?

Yes. At this time, we want to chat with you first to make sure we're a good match. As a follow-up to that call, you'll be able to view and select options in our proposal form.

Why does included maintenance only cover plugins you’ve installed or recommended? Can’t I add whatever plugins I want?

We install or recommend specific plugins when we’ve tried, tested, and used them ourselves. We know they’re compatible with your site and will be an asset to you.

Yes, you can add additional plugins, but hunting down conflicts or issues related to plugins we haven’t installed or recommended takes more work on our part. So this is not covered by the 1 hour per month maintenance time.

If I ask a question, am I going to end up on your mailing list?

How dare you (but no, it's a valid question). Even before all the cool kids were jumping on this GDPR bandwagon, we honor opt-ins – you'll only ever hear from us regarding your question or project if we move forward unless you subscribe to something else.

What's your theory on Avengers 4?

Oh, we don't have just one. Full thesis coming soon.

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