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You are smart, determined, and resourceful.

You've built your business from the ground up, figuring things out as you went and asking others for help when you couldn't. Whatever it took so you could connect to and serve more people.

But at some point...

The list of things that were supposed to make running your business easier became a burden that has you wondering if there's a better option.

Or that maybe you're simply not good at the "technical stuff."

Or worst of all, that it's just comes with the territory of running a business.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

If the systems you used for your business worked seamlessly, actually making things easier? If you could save hours of researching other options, step away from gathering reviews from random people in Facebook groups, and take a break from consuming every article, webinar, and course about how to make things more efficient?

If you could spend a couple of hours supporting clients, creating new materials and content, and interacting with them on social media instead trying to figure out how to get the @*#&^$ picture on your latest offering landing page to line up just so?

Or spend your time taking calls and planning out next week’s schedule instead of copying and pasting information from one software to another?

It’s pretty leading, but if any of this resonated with you, then it’s time to drop the “do-it-all” entrepreneur hat.

It's not that you can't.

It’s that it no longer serves you to try. You’re solving particular issues for your clients – let me do the same for you.

It's time to Make Your Work flow

A 1-on-1 intensive aimed at clearing the clutter from your business' digital footprint and making it work for the way you work.

1-on-1 sessions

Up to

hours of development + implementation

months to declutter your business

Session 1: Spill It (2 Hours)

Do things take you longer than you think they should? Do you ever procrastinate something in your business because of the tech or system involved?

Are you having issues onboarding consistently or communicating with clients, contractors, employees/VAs, etc?

Maybe there's processes that are too complex to keep up with... or no processes at all. Or your website no longer reflects where your business is going.

Session 2: Map It (2 Hours)

Any good decluttering/organization project starts with taking stock of what you have and where you’re at. This is no different.

The mailing lists (or spreadsheets). The website you made or had made that you avoid logging into at all costs. The CRM you thought would fix everything that is quickly becoming a drain.

What are you outsourcing? Any of type of manual work you have a VA or contractor handling? (Because this is about freeing up their time for working in your business in more meaningful ways as well!)

Lay it all out on the table so we know where your biggest struggles are coming from.

Session 3: Plan It (1 Hour)

Do you love it when a plan comes together? Then you'll love this part. It starts with a map of where you're at (no wonder you've been overwhelmed) and the suggested roadmap for making your work flow.

We’ll set some goals based on our time together and everything we’ve talked about so far and focus on what can be completed in our time together – including an "ASAP list" of things that either should be prioritized or are quick fixes.

With a list of potential fixes, I share my recommendations for the most impact on your day-to-day. We’ll discuss – each item has the estimated time to complete so if there’s something you feel strongly about wanting implemented, we can make sure it's on the short list.

Session 4: Build It (1 Hour)

To make sure the work is tailored to you, it’s important to check in during the implementation process to delve a little deeper into not only what the result should be for your current flow, but also building a strong foundation for the future to build upon. In other words, how can all of this support your future business growth?

Session 5: Learn It (2 Hours)

It doesn’t matter how well it’s set up if you don’t know how to use it – and that shouldn't mean wading through the internet looking for answers. I’ll walk through the new configurations and provide answers to your questions to make sure you’re comfortable using things. Also, in addition to the recorded session itself, you’ll get an entire walkthrough and tailored tutorial video – perfect for when you need a refresher or it’s time to onboard someone new.

Bonus Session: Check It (1 Hour)

Use this extra session any time in the 6 months after we wrap up to ask additional questions about the things you’ll be doing next, talk through how something works above and beyond the training videos, or just get an extra gut check (especially useful when resisting the latest shiny or online fad "everyone" is using!).

Make Your Work flow

3-Month Intensive

  • Ideal for clients who are between large launches or highly motivated to dive in, full force
  • 6 sessions and implementation over a 3-month period
  • Installment payments each month

Relaxed 6-Month Track

  • Ideal for clients who need time to adjust to change or minimize overwhelm with current workload
  • 6 sessions and implementation over a 6-month period
  • Installment payments each month

Introductory price: $9,997 $13,500

First slots available in December. Invest in ease for 2020.

Need more information? You're under no obligation with this first step – and it won't cost you a cent until you decide to move forward.

Not sure but want to stay updated? It's about to get easier.

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