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“Just make it look good.”

If that’s your only instruction for us, we’re okay with that. But if you want clean, eye-catching, bright, more Star Treky*, or some other adjective, we’ll make it look good.

*(Also, “more Star Treky” is definitely a thing we can do.)


Your marketing materials can work magic for you – no top hats or bunny rabbits needed.

Work with us to get a website that pulls in your audience, clearly says what you do, and makes it simple for customers to click, learn, or order. And a great website deserves attention behind the scenes, too. We’ll build it right, keep an eye on traffic, and help identify keywords to boost your search engine ranking.


Hey, do you use Salesforce?
Integrate it with your website. Instead of having data coming out of your ears, use your website to streamline the process. No more manual entry. And keep track of all that data in one place. It’s perfect for all the cool kids that love organization.
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Words. You need ‘em? We got ‘em.

The design of your work is only as effective as the words you use. Not to make you nervous or anything but it’s important to have consistent language and tone in all of your writing, from your website, to newsletters, to the email communication with your customers, clients or imaginary friends.

Social Media

The magic can happen away from your website, too. Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more to get followers, fans, and best of all, free promotion. Need help getting a profile set up? That’s what we’re here for.

How can you make your website stand out against your competition?


Want your presentation to have the power? Get to the point. Ask us for help creating an engaging (not boring) presentation that’s actually effective (interesting).


Break grammar rules so your text sounds conversational, okay?
But never spelling. You want to look profesinal. (see what we did there?)
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What do you want the universe to know about who you are?

That’s where identity and branding come in. It’s the look, feel and attitude of everything visual about your product or business. Your logos, business cards, letterhead, templates, literature — all those different items that your clients will see. Not only can we make them for you, but they’ll be easy enough for you to use on your own in the future.


Your presence at a tradeshow matters more than everyone else’s. Well, that’s what we want you to feel like anyway. Let us help you out with graphics or a booth that not only helps you stand out, but draws people into your space. Need giveaways? We can help out with those, too.

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When we say print, we mean just about anything you need professionally printed.

It could be a brochure, an ad for a magazine, killer packaging for your product, something you want to send in the mail, and anything else that involves the phrases “camera-ready,” or “300 dpi.” We’ll translate for ya. And then create something with the right message, look and feel.


Did you know that primary colors (red, blue, yellow) are the hardest color for printers to match?
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We can’t stress this enough, folks: we love to organize.

That’s right. If there’s no rhyme or reason to how your files or images are organized, or if you need to fix a disaster of a presentation, hand it over.

Need some new pens to hand out at a trade show? We’re on it. Can’t figure out how to edit a pdf? We’re on that, too. Is Microsoft Word formatting driving you crazy? We’ve been there.

If you have a handful of random, day-to-day marketing, design or communication tasks that are getting in your way, let us take care of them so you can focus on what you do best.

Who We Are

We grew up loving puzzles. It took us a few years in corporate marketing to discover that our real talents involve solving them. And it’s that expertise that has enabled us to help others with their marketing ciphers.

Kim Otwaska-Butts

Creative Mastermind, Co-Owner

Kim has been coding websites since the days of dial-up in the ’90s, branching out into all things visual and melding it all together into one cohesive adventure.

Amy Sierlecki

Wordsmith, Co-Owner

Amy has been in the professional marketing biz for the past nine years and has a decade’s worth of experience writing and editing for a variety of mediums.

Our Values

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